About Us

Our Background

Jan Reaves' interest in making soaps started in early 2000 as a creative hobby she did right in the comfort of home. She made small batches of soaps for herself and her daughters, Chani and Shannon, as a healthier choice for their skin. Through making and using her own body care products, Jan learned the wonderful benefits of active natural ingredients and pure essential oils help to nourish and soften the skin. The products are based on sharing the joy and passion of these healthy aides.

As Jan perfected her handmade creations, Chani and Shannon enjoyed the products so much they encouraged her to share them with friends and family. With the support of loved ones, Jan and her daughters created unique recipes for all-natural body creams, oil blends, sugar scrubs and more, using premium pampering ingredients for the health and beauty of skin. Thus, BATH SAVVY was born.

Our Products

BATH SAVVY uses old-fashioned pureness and effective, yet body-safe ingredients that treat all skin types. Jan learned early on that less is more, so BATH SAVVY'S worry-free products are simple and healthy without perfumes, dyes or artificial fillers. They are available unscented or with alluring aromatherapy from natural essential oils. The rich textures feel as good as they are for your body and soul.

BATH SAVVY's Mission:

Our mission is to provide the finest blends of natural handmade products while creating awareness of the benefits of using nature as a source of healing, nourishing and replenishing the skin and body.
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